Best Nontourist Attractions in NYC

Wish to be a tourist in your own city? It sounds silly yet funny. Top-line escape the room attractions for non-tourists in NYC are in numerous. Spend more time in each destination best of your picks so that they remain memorable forever.

Get away from crowd and start your trip with the idea of braving spectacular skyline, knowing new facts, energizing, and relaxing for hours. Strolling in parks, roaming in museums, and sitting on the coastal shores are the escape room activities providing peace of mind. Local people can explore new supermarkets, secluded parks and event centers, and unseen suburbs, where you may even hop on to new style mansions and alley lanes.

Selecting less-crowded or crowd-manageable arenas is the best way of escape the room outing for local people. Popular picks are not always better, but if crowd manageable and revitalizing, buck up to go. Probably, you might be still fascinated by the museums, parks, and skyline views of the city.

Intrepid Museum

It is an aviation institute featuring the USS Intrepid aircraft and submarine shuttles. The museum comprises the Intrepid, the USS Growler, the British Concorde, and the Space Shuttle Enterprise. The first space shuttle, shuttles built during WW-II, 30 newly restored aircraft, the world’s fastest jets and spies, and more. It is really astonishing that the aviation journey takes you through history, groundbreaking technologies, and the American vitality.

Museum of Natural History

It is the world’s largest museum, with a novel setup of exhibits for American history & politics, fossils, mammals, mummies, and natural science as well as a planetarium. It is known for its largest collection of dinosaur fossils and mammals. The Gilder Center features live creatures with digital displays for next-generation students. Kids’ workshops and research teachings are splendid here than any other museums. The Center has a glass walled spectacular view for the specimen and artifacts. This is a must-see museum for kids, researchers, and visitors.

Top of the Rock

It is an observatory located on top of Rockefeller Center, at a height of 850 ft. It offers a panoramic view of Central Park and Manhattan. It provides an unimaginable experience to spectators. The observation desks on the 67th to 69th floors offer amazing glass walled views of the city. In contrast, the desk on the 70th floor provides open panoramic views of the city.

Ditmas Park

It is in Flatbush, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, known for its history. This destination is exclusive for local people. Peculiarly designed are the Victorian style mansions with leafy streets. Feel the pleasant vibe of the streets and buildings here. You can prefer going for a long walk or cycling in these areas. You may also find some restaurants, bars, and cafes along the Beverley Road.

Farmers Market

If you wish to grab fresh produce, then detour or head to markets like Farmers Market. Racks and rows of eye-catchy organic items with varieties are seen all around. More likely, you will descend with handful of veggies and food items.

Event Centers

Participating in events via amusement and event facilities rapidly vitalizes the mind and body. If you are a sports lover, then pick some hilarious activities like rock climbing, craggy landscapes, and hopping. Otherwise, have fun watching and encouraging the participants. Local folks can jump on to many such centers around the city and suburbs.

Whether you are a nature lover, sports enthusiast, or wanderlust, these are a few escape the room charms for your quick refreshment.