Best Beaches in South America

South America is the continent of the best beaches in the world. Most countries in South America have beaches. The shimmering waters from the Caribbean, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans along the coastlines relax oneself. The deep blue sea and tropical lands, the nature’s gift, look beautiful and provide inner tranquility to visitors. The most famous countries in South America for beaches are Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, and Venezuela.


Fernando de Noronha

This is a volcanic archipelago of 21 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located 350 km away from Brazil and near Shangri-la. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site regarded as “eco-wonderland” and is a national park with sanctuary. The sapphire waters of the isolated islands take you from the hustle and bustle of the city life. You can cruise Fernando de Noronha and travel around the place for 3 hours. Mammal lovers frolic with sea sharks and whales and have a great time. Fishermen catch turtles, parrotfish, and crownfish. Take the picturesque sceneries of the archipelago at sunset. Hike the Sancho Bay, Coasta Azul, and Esmerelda Coast.

Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema, Joatinga, and Copacabana are three beaches in Rio de Janeiro. Sugarloaf Mountain, perched at a height of 395 m on Guanabara Bay, is the neighborhood to visit. Ipanema is a stunning beach flanked by the georgeous Dois Irmaos mountain. You can go for surfing, skim boarding, and cruising as well as walk on the neat sand resting for some time. Copacabana is the companion of Ipanema, a scalloped beach that is also good for sport enthusiasts. However, it is recommended to visit only those posts that are for visitors in these beaches, as strong waves and tides hit on the shores.



Zapallar is a unique lovely beach ornamented by mountains and tropical forests. The proximity of the beach to Santiago makes it ideal for night visit or day trip. The panoramic view of the mountains, sapphire sea, flip-flop waves, and golden sand is splendid. You can brave the ice cold water, look at the extreme sides of the Pacific Ocean, and go for skimming. Trail along the shell shaped promenade to enjoy the rugged rocks, rain forests, and the nice sand with the pleasant microclimate.


Algarrobo is in the Valparaíso Region and surrounded by a coastline good for relaxing. It is a beach ideal for swimming and scuba diving. But before you surf, check for tides and lagoons.


Playa Blanca

It is located in Isla Baŕu and just 40 min off Cartegana. It is one of the best Carribean beaches in Colombia for day trip and overnight stay. December and January are high season for visiting this beach.

Tayrona National Park

It constitutes the most renowned group of Carribean beaches. It is wedged by glamorous palm fringed sand, rainforests, and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain. It stretches from Taganga to Piedras River. The Colombian beaches in this national park are Cabo San Juan, Cañaveral, Arrecifes, La Piscina, Castilletes, The Nudist Beach, and Playa Cristal.

What more? There is a wide spate of beach paradises in South America. At least you would get some snippets from our article for deciding your beach travel! Bon Voyage!

Interesting facts about Scottish culture

If you are planning to travel to Scotland, you will find that this is an interesting country with interesting people. There are many things about this country that you might not have known and that you will find interesting. It is always a great idea to get to know as much about a country as possible. Especially, if you are going to the country for the first time. This is the only way that you can know that you are going to visit an interesting country. Here are some interesting facts about the Scotland and the Scottish culture:

The people of Scotland                       

Normally, people in different countries look the same. You can’t really tell the difference between people living in England and people living in the USA. However, if you are visiting Scotland, the one thing that you will notice right from the start, is that their people are looking different.

Their skin is a lot lighter than some of the other people, in different countries. And, most of them have red hair. There are some of them that don’t have the red hair, but most of them have red hair or light red hair.

Their clothing

The thing that is different in Scotland that you will not find anywhere else in the world, is the men’s clothing. In Scotland, the men are wearing skirts. This is also known as kilts. These kilts are coming in different colors and patterns.

The men are purchasing the kilt that is the same as the color code of your ancestors or as colors on your surname’s weapon. Different surnames have different weapons and different kilt colors. This is essential for the Scottish men to show off their heritage and their family’s kilt.

Different festivals that are public holidays

Even, if they have some of the same holidays and festivals as other countries, there are some festivals and public holidays that are different from other countries.

They are taking their holidays and festivals seriously and they are celebrating it every year, and make a huge event of it. Then, families are getting together, they drink and eat and have a really great time. The Scottish people are known for partying and having a great time.

Some myths that Scottish people belief

There are a couple of things and myths that the Scottish people beliefs. They have believed in these things years ago, and they still believe in it today.

Some of the beliefs are that they still believe that there is such a thing as a Loch Ness Monster and they believe in the words, second sight. This is when people can see in the future and see what is going to happen in the near future.

Scottish people are interesting people and they are also really friendly. There are some interesting facts about their culture and people that not many people know about. It might be interesting to find out more about this culture before you are going to visit Scotland.