Do you prefer the window seat? What this choice says about you

The world is divided into two categories of people: those who love the window seat and those who prefer the place near the corridor. The former would have character traits in common: they would be more selfish, control-loving and easily irritable. It was Mark Vanhoenacker, pilot of the British Aiways and author of the book “How to Land a Plane” , to underline the rift: “When I ask friends to describe what kind of passengers they are (window or corridor?) They answer me with such safety to make me think that they made this decision for the first time on board an airplane “.

As the Telegraph reports , the choice would not be dictated by chance, but by a certain character propensity. According to Dr. Becky Spelman, psychologist at the Private Therapy Clinicof Harley Street, passengers who prefer the corridor would have a more introverted and reserved nature and would generally be less irritable and more sensible than others. Their decision could also hide “weaknesses”: it could have been dictated by a problem of claustrophobia or anxiety. Those who choose, instead, the window seat could have an opposite nature, much more selfish: “Passengers who choose the place next to the window tend to face life with a mentality of the sort ‘each for himself'”, explained Dr. Spelman at Telegraph Travel. And he added: “These people like to look after their own nest and live in their own bubble”.

Jo Hemmings, a behavioral psychologist, also agrees: “Lovers of sitting by the window tend to be more selfish, and since they are less anxious, they are also more likely to bother others.” Passengers seated next to the corridor would, instead, be more courteous, available, even if – just because of the presence of the corridor – less likely to let themselves go to a good sleep on the plane.

Although it is plausible that not everyone recognizes this description, what is certain is that everyone has his favorite place on the plane, which he reluctantly renounces. And that everyone is ready to draw different arguments in favor of one or the other session.