Do you prefer the window seat? What this choice says about you

The world is divided into two categories of people: those who love the window seat and those who prefer the place near the corridor. The former would have character traits in common: they would be more selfish, control-loving and easily irritable. It was Mark Vanhoenacker, pilot of the British Aiways and author of the book “How to Land a Plane” , to underline the rift: “When I ask friends to describe what kind of passengers they are (window or corridor?) They answer me with such safety to make me think that they made this decision for the first time on board an airplane “.

As the Telegraph reports , the choice would not be dictated by chance, but by a certain character propensity. According to Dr. Becky Spelman, psychologist at the Private Therapy Clinicof Harley Street, passengers who prefer the corridor would have a more introverted and reserved nature and would generally be less irritable and more sensible than others. Their decision could also hide “weaknesses”: it could have been dictated by a problem of claustrophobia or anxiety. Those who choose, instead, the window seat could have an opposite nature, much more selfish: “Passengers who choose the place next to the window tend to face life with a mentality of the sort ‘each for himself'”, explained Dr. Spelman at Telegraph Travel. And he added: “These people like to look after their own nest and live in their own bubble”.

Jo Hemmings, a behavioral psychologist, also agrees: “Lovers of sitting by the window tend to be more selfish, and since they are less anxious, they are also more likely to bother others.” Passengers seated next to the corridor would, instead, be more courteous, available, even if – just because of the presence of the corridor – less likely to let themselves go to a good sleep on the plane.

Although it is plausible that not everyone recognizes this description, what is certain is that everyone has his favorite place on the plane, which he reluctantly renounces. And that everyone is ready to draw different arguments in favor of one or the other session.

27 things I learned while traveling

Traveling you learn. I love doing it. As soon as I can, I try to get to know a new place to visit. Maybe as far away from home as possible. In cars, trains, airplanes or ships, it does not matter. It is important to see different realities, to feel different tastes and smells, to lose oneself by listening to a language that is not known.

This is what I learned during my travels:

– Not everyone speaks English well as we are convinced. Some do not even know it.
– Ask for directions to someone from the place will not be technological but still works well.
– You can live without a mobile phone, Whatsapp and everything else.
– Wi-Fi, however, is a great invention.
– You do not have to eat Italian abroad.
– The real traveler is seen by the ability to “go to the bathroom” everywhere.
– Observing the lives of others is learning.
– Going on a cruise does not mean traveling.
– Low cost flights allow you to travel by spending a little. Unfortunately this applies to everyone.
– To understand where to eat well, just follow the locals.
– The wallet is filled with coins that we will never be able to spend.
– Time zone is a problem just to call your mother.
– There are better things than we have in Italy.
– There are worse things than we have in Italy.
– The world is not as small as they say.
– There are local laws and customs to be respected.
– Walking is a great way to get to know places and people.
– When you are too tired you can sleep anywhere.
– Carrying a backpack is always a good solution.
– Wearing comfortable shoes is essential.
– If you sleep in a place with breakfast included you should eat it as if there was no tomorrow.
– Always meet someone who tells you: “Italian? Mafia, spaghetti and mandolin.”.
– Italian football still retains its charm.
– There is someone who gets in line to get on the plane three hours before for fear of not being able to climb despite having a numbered ticket.
– We use public transport with serenity.
– We make millions of photos that we will never watch.
– Coming back home after being away for a long time and resting your head on your pillow makes you feel like a real traveler.

10 reasons + one (all Italian) for which it is worth visiting Monaco

Beyond the Oktoberfest. Art, murals, photography, street markets, fusion cuisine, sports, hipster neighborhoods and the rainbow. Munich is always more surprising: tradition and folklore give space to a city that is full of events and ideas of all kinds. This is Germany that fascinates young professionals and culture enthusiasts. It has an elegant and distinct character that is perceived in various nuances, from the architectures and the clubs. Monaco collects exciting places, activities and cultural proposals. It already happens when you arrive at the Franz Josef Strauss airport, with excellent bars and the possibility, sometimes, to stop and watch an exhibition.

This is the case of the faces of the fishermen of Monopoli captured in black & white by the lens of the young portrait photographer Piero Martinello, the same shots that last September inaugurated the first edition of the international festival of photography PhEST , in Monopoli, Puglia.

And then the excellent German beer, an integral part of the local culture, to be tasted in chic and alternative places for an experience that becomes practically obligatory if you want a food and wine tour. Led by the tourist office and marketing of this city, here are ten good reasons to visit Monaco.


1) The historic center on foot

Marienplatz stop. It is the main square, the most loved by tourists. The first recommended if you travel to Munich for business and you want to immerse yourself in the heart of the city between shopping, photos and relaxation in the various squares, galleries and clubs. During the day, the main attraction is the carillon of the new town hall, which starts at 11 and 12 (in the summer also at 5 pm) and moves the characters to the notes of a melody typical of little mobile phones. All with their noses upwards to admire the dance. In the center there are also the “Frauenkirche” cathedral and the Hofbräuhaus, the most famous brewery in Munich.

A company employs people with no experience to send to Dubai for 233 thousand euros a year

It is not necessary to have any previous experience in the sales sector to be hired with a contract of 200 thousand pounds a year (equal to about 233 thousand euros) and be sent to Dubai to carry out the dream job. As reported by the British Coventry Telegraph , in fact, a real estate agency in Coventry – but based in the United Arab Emirates – is looking for new agents for the sale of luxury homes in Dubai, promising a really attractive pay.

The salary – almost £ 17,000 a month – is tax-free and the company ( Allsopp & Allsopp ) will help new members of the team find a home near the office. Selling effectively is a quality that is learned only over time, believe the heads of the real estate agency, and that’s why the recruiter will also evaluate the curriculum of those who have no experience in the field.

The fundamental characteristic that candidates will have to show they have is the radiance and enthusiasm for the job. “We have exciting expansion plans for Dubai and we look for specific resources and that in the last two years have achieved important sales targets (not necessarily in real estate)” specifies who manages human resources for the company.

After all, let Allsopp & Allsopp know that all employees have the opportunity to grow within the company and to earn even 300 thousand pounds a year.

The job announcement for Dubai does not appear on the agency’s website , but on November 14th a day was organized to collect CVs and find out who is interested in the position in person. If the offer does not mind you, however, know that you will have to make a plane ticket to Liverpool, the city where the talks will take place.

If you are not able to enter the “dream team”, do not worry: Allsopp & Allsopp also hires consultants with a salary base pay of 75 thousand pounds a year. In short, if the real estate world does not mind, you know where to send your application.

In the city of Christopher Columbus … a lot of poetry

Strolling along lanes lit by vintage-style led signs you can see at every intersection the Madonnette in the votive aedicules, so I immerse myself in a day dedicated to the discovery of the city of lanterns: Genoa .

After a quick visit to the ancient port, with a very commercial appearance, complete with a movie set sailboat and an inevitable submarine, this time authentic because here in Genoa there is the Galata Museo del Mare , the largest and most innovative maritime museum in the Mediterranean. dedicated to the age-old relationship between man and the sea.

We leave the port and enter the historical center.

Go up and down curious and fast among the carruggi, the characteristic streets of Genoa, which gives you back the mood of the city: fast but not too much, relaxed but not too much. A city that is the fusion of other cities and many different styles. The sixth largest city in Italy by geographical density, enclosed by differences in height, poetry, lanterns and lots of sea.

Here you eat fish, focaccia, Recco’s, but above all you can stock up on dishes seasoned with Pra ‘pesto, because only in Pra’ the basil grows with small, small and flavorful leaves!

Columbus was born here and grew up , the greatest explorer of all centuries. Visiting his house, with many original elements such as walls, floors and some beams is exciting! Columbus reached the Americas four times and to think that he did it by the means of that time is unbelievable!

Let’s start our tour …

From the district of Carruggi: Vico closed the Rana, Vico Cicala, Vico of the Stoppieri … even the names have their charm and certainly their story! One of the largest and most diverse neighborhoods I’ve ever been able to visit. A succession of houses and palaces showing eras and styles, from the late Middle Ages to the nineteenth century through enchanting churches, sumptuous palaces recognized as a World Heritage Site and museums. We reach the Cathedral of San Lorenzo with its black and white stones, a beautiful staircase and the marble lions next to it.

… And then you can not miss the “living room” of Genoa, the Via Garibaldi! Its buildings tell the story of the city and remind those who do not know, what was the power of Genoa. A walk through time through the Palazzo dei Rolli, the Palazzo Rosso where the violins of the Paganini master are kept, and the Palazzo Bianco. From Via Garibaldi you can reach both the funicular to visit the Righi and the lift for the elegant Spianata Castelletto that offers a breathtaking view of the city, and is an opportunity to appreciate the city of the Doges from the hills and not only from the sea.

5 reasons why I invest in travel, not in objects

If my mother read this post, she probably would not talk to me for a long time. My mother-in-law affectionately called us “the maniacs of the journey”. And I understand that. I am sure that their generation, in general, has grown with different values. Home, car, furniture, jewelry and savings were all of primary importance and a way to show their status, success and achievements. Do not get me wrong, all these things are still important (and I wish more people could afford the material pleasures of this life without sacrifice and budget planning). However, my generation gradually begins to approach another kind of mentality – where experiences count more than things. Priorities are moving from accumulating objects to accumulating experiences.

My husband and I are just a couple with an average income, who tries to live to the fullest and create memories that will last forever. Given the choice and budget limits, I’d rather drive a simple car but go on vacation four times a year, rather than say no to a trip and spend the next ten years paying me a Mercedes, just to show off my status. In addition, we have established immediately that we would prefer to spend an eye on a Michelin-star restaurant, instead of wasting money to exchange gifts.

You will think mine is an obsession, and perhaps you are right too. I prefer to define it as a passion. In both cases, the symptoms are clear: I feel suffocated if I stay in the same place for more than three months; I need my escapes during the weekend (near or far); I plan holidays for one or two years; I dedicate myself to a meticulous research and prepare detailed itineraries for each trip; CondeNast Traveler, Culture Trip, National Geographic and Travel + Leisure have become my bibles; I also frequent sites like just to daydream all those wonderful destinations around the world.